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Antique Brass Triangular Sundial Compass 2.5 Inch Nautical Compass for Hiking Survival Instrument Brass Finish Camping Compass Vintage Navigation Outdoor Directional Compass

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SIZE:  2.5 X 2.5 X 1 Inches

DIRECTIONAL COMPASS: Camping Compass Is Necessary To Know Exactly Where You Are Going When You Are On Your Adventure Trip. It Will Help You To Find Directions Relative To The Cardinal Geographic Directions. The Needle Of The Compass Will Indicate The Direction You Need To Go.

MULTI PURPOSE PRODUCT: This Magnetic Sundial Clock Provides Precise Directional Assistance. It Is Ideal For Camping, Hiking, Boating And Other Adventurous Traveling. It Has Adjustable Legs For Exact Sundial Alignment.

UTILITY AND DURABILITY: This Vintage Marine Clock Can Be Used As An Educational Gift. It's A Working Compass And Latitude Finder Device Folds Perfectly For Comfortable Wearing. It Gives A Classy And Elegant Touch To Your Space. It Is Made Of Premium Quality Solid Brass That Makes It Long Lasting For Years.